With "Stock Exchange Party" you can create your own stock simulation. Create Partys and increase your income by using different price calculations. Entertain your customers with different event and adverts.

With "Stock Exchange Party" you will make it possible. Use different colorful animations and let "Stock Exchange Party" looking different every time. Simulate a stock crash and create chaos in your bar. You can also create auctions.

Unlimited counts of drinks

There is no limitation of used coctails or drinks. But you will make it clearer if you use not more than eight drinks. You can configurate each drink seperately. Use different colors and a logo to help your customers finding the drink easier.

  • Unlimited count of drinks or coctails.
  • Each drink can has its own price calculation and display properties.
  • Open or save drinks and use them in another projects.
  • Direct simulation of used calculation settings.
  • Statistics for each drink.


Different price calculations

Four different calculation models are available. Maybe you want to use the drink up or down functions which depends on the sold pieces, or a real stock simulation which calculates the price an demand, or simply use random pices. Profit from our long experience we have collected on this area.

  • Real stock simulation calculates price on demand.
  • Increase price by sold pieces.
  • Decrease price by sold pieces.
  • Random price calculation.
  • Possibility to change of the price manually.


Stock Crash

Use the build in Stock Crash function to set all prices to a defined minimum price. Your waiters will get in hurry to process all incoming orders.

Stock crash
  • Different functions to execute stock crash automaticaly.
  • Manual execution of stock crash.



Put bottles, cocktails or anything else in your auctions. The price starts by a given value and decreases down to a given minimum price area. By using a price area you avoid that your customers waits for the lowest price before they order.

  • Complete price controlling.
  • Can be started automatical or manualy.
  • Able to create groups of auctions.


Display and animations

Because of using the latest technologie and hardware accelerated graphics you can create smooth and colorful animations. Upgrade your tool with different background movies.

  • Supports DirectX 9.0 hardware accelerated graphics.
  • Supports Dual Screen.
  • Large count of different background videos.
  • Different kinds of input screens.



Use adverts and let your customers know about new upcomming events or create adverts for your sponsors.

  • Supports different image formats.
  • Supports transparent areas for images.
  • Supports Macromedia Flash Movies.


Advert editor

Create advert images fast and easily. With the advert manager you can create complex images like in photoshop. And everything can be handled by touchscreen.

  • Easy creation of advert images.
  • Many text and graphic effects.
  • Move, rotate or resize objects.
  • Handle with touchscreen.



Show photos from your events. With the Photo-Manager you can administrate and optimize your photos. Photos will be shown as animated dia show. Many effect and tools are available to optimize your photos. And everything can be handled by touchscreen.

  • Administrate your Photos.
  • Show animated dia shows.
  • Optimize your photos with many effects.
  • Handle with touchscreen.



Connect "Stock Exchange Party" to your Pos Systems. If your Pos System is not support please let us know type and producer and we will implement a driver for your system. If you own a small pub you can also use the build in cash system.

  • Connection to pos systems.
  • Print out to receipt printer or any windows printer.
  • Prepared for additional network input-clients.
  • Different input screens for single screen or dual screen mode.


System requirements

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • 2 GHz Pentium or higher
  • 512 MB Ram
  • 20MB free space on hard disc
  • DirectX 9.x compatible graphic card
  • optional: Touchscreen
  • optional: Ramdisk for video
  • optional: Dual Head graphic card


Profite from your long experience in the area of entertainment. The first release of Stock Exchange Party was developed for the Commodore 64 back in 1993. This was the perfect device and it was possible to connect them to tv decives. Other releases followed and a other calculation modells was developed and tested. This release is a new area in entertainment for catering trades.

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