Stock Exchange Party Client 6.6
Improve compatibility and removed an issues which occurs after installation on some devices...

Stock Exchange Party 6.6
Improvements for calculation of prices. Screen is now optimized to use more than 24 items at the same time.

Stock Exchange Party 6.5
The new release contains a lot of improvements and optimizing.

Stock Exchange Party 6.4
Important: The backgroudvideos are now in a new format. Please do not forget to update them!

List of changings/new functions:
  • Backgroundvideos in new format
  • Possibility to change the color of the default plasmaeffect
  • Use pictures for the background. The images will be fit automatically
  • When using startparameter "-window" you are now able to minimize the application to the taskbar
  • Changings in the Fotomanager-Filedialog

Stock Exchange Party 6.3
I have decided to give Stock Exchange Party for free in case of non commercial use. This meas you do not have to pay for it. Development still costs money you are able to donate and help me to continue development of this software. If you are using Stock Exchange Party commercial, than please contact me bevor. Sale or redistribution of this software is vorbidden.


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